We cover:

- Service & Repair

- Boilers

- Pipework

- Water Heaters

- Bathrooms & sanitary

- Cookers & gas fires

Hello and welcome, I'd like to outline a little about my methodology and background before we confront the elephant
in the room, 'why the Fat Plumber?'

I am an experienced plumber and heating engineer with forty years experience. I love boilers and problems. People often come to me when they are desperate but I won’t try to sell you

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Simon Hubert
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something to line my own pocket. I promise to give you the best advice for you.

I fit and repair most makes though I do have my favourites.
I prefer to fit Atag boilers as they are the most reliable and efficient boilers on the market today.

I am qualified to install, service and repair: pipe-work, boilers, water heaters, gas fires, cookers, hobs, bathroom and sanitary work.

If you would like to know what the various advantages and
disadvantages of the systems I offer you can follow these links.

Traditional vented system
Combination boiler
Unvented domestic hot water

I supply, fit and repair all plumbing fittings and sanitary ware.
I really understand drainage, something which many bathroom fitters do not. I am happy to spend some time to make sure that
I know what you want. A good chat beforehand eliminates any crossed wires and leads to an efficient project and happy working relationship.

Also, If you desire something out of the ordinary, I can guide
you to some exotic materials for your walls, floors or work tops.

Okay, so why am I called the Fat Plumber?
Well I may be built like the proverbially strongly constructed usual office that the wolf couldn’t blow down but I’m not exactly rotund. I became the fat plumber when I first started because there was a thin plumber, a thick plumber, me and a very fat plumber called Bill Bell that taught me. I preferred being the fat plumber to being the boy. The soubriquet hardened when I was visiting orphanages in Romania in 1990. The children loved playing a game called “FatPlumber”.

In any event, you didn’t forget me did you?